5 Home Remedies for Yeast Infections You Can Use To Get Rid of Your Symptoms Fast Part 1




Male Yeast Infection

Yeast Infection Treatment

If you begin to see signs of a yeast infection you should see your doctor immediately since the signs of a yeast infection are the same as the signs of more serious infections like some sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). A yeast infection is also known as candidias and it is one of the most common infections caused by a fungus called candida. Most people don’t know that candida is always present in our bodies, but the population of candida is held down by the friendly bacteria inside our bodies.

Even though men can catch yeast infections too it’s mostly females that experience the discomfort a candida overgrowth can cause. Women usual experience this infection right before their period comes due to hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. A yest infection can spread from one sexual partner to the next, but you don’t have to be sexually active to catch one. There are plenty of yeast infection symptoms that sufferers can experience.

Some of the more common signs of this type of infection include:
Redness of the outer part of the vagina called the vulva
Burning sensation when you urinate or have sex.
Itching and Irritation in the vagina area

An odorless, thick, white discharge resembling the appearance of cottage cheese.
Sometimes it will smell like yeast or bread. Although there are many medicines you can buy at your local pharmacy to treat this problem a lot of people are looking for home remedies for yeast infections to stop the problem. These home remedies are aimed at treating women but most of these natural remedies can be utilized for men as well.

Herbal Suppositories

Herbal suppositories are a great natural yeast infection treatment because it can be delivered directly into the source of the problem as it melts and disperses inside the area it is inserted. The heat from your body will dissolve the herbal remedy inside your vagina and will eventually enter the bloodstream. If it is peeled and whole raw garlic can be inserted inside the vagina.

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