Lymplex Lymphatic System Cleansing Part 2




Lymphokinetic motion (flow of the lymph) due to:

1) Lymph flows down the pressure gradient.
2) Muscular and respiratory pumps push lymph forward due to function of the semilunar valves.

Other lymphoid tissue:

1. Lymph nodes: Lymph nodes are small encapsulated organs located along the pathway of lymphatic vessels. They vary from about 1 mm to 1 to 2 cm in diameter and are widely distributed throughout the body, with large concentrations occurring in the areas of convergence of lymph vessels. They serve as filters through which lymph percolates on its way to the blood. Antigen-activated lymphocytes differentiate and proliferate by cloning in the lymph nodes.

2. Diffuse Lymphatic Tissue and Lymphatic nodules: The alimentary canal, respiratory passages, and genitourinary tract are guarded by accumulations of lymphatic tissue that are not enclosed by a capsule (i.e. they are diffuse) and are found in connective tissue beneath the epithelial mucosa. These cells intercept foreign antigens and then travel to lymph nodes to undergo differentiation and proliferation.

Local concentrations of lymphocytes in these systems and other areas are called lymphatic nodules. In general these are single and random but are more concentrated in the GI tract in the ileum, appendix, cecum, and tonsils. These are collectively called the Gut Associated Lymphatic Tissue (GALT). MALT (Mucosa Associated Lymphatic Tissue) includes these plus the diffuse lymph tissue in the respiratory tract.

3. The thymus: The thymus is where immature lymphocytes differentiate into T-lymphocytes. The thymus is fully formed and functional at birth. Characteristic features of thymic structure persist until about puberty, when lymphocyte processing and proliferation are dramatically reduced and eventually eliminated and the thymic tissue is largely replaced by adipose tissue.

The lymphocytes released by the thymus are carried to lymph nodes, spleen, and other lymphatic tissue where they form colonies. These colonies form the basis of T-lymphocyte proliferation in the specific immune response. T-lymphocytes survive for long periods and recirculate through lymphatic tissues.

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Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Brain Injury





Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Brain Injury

Hyperbaric Chambers

““I almost lost my leg. I have diabetes, and despite taking my medication and following my diet, I had a wound that would not heal. I was scheduled for surgery when I heard about portable hyperbaric chamber medicine. It’s the miracle I was praying for. My wound healed and I feel great.”

“”I now know that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a godsend to our children and the people who help our children by providing this service are in my opinion saints.””

“I was skeptical at first, but the Portable Hyperbaric Chamber has made a believer of me.”

There are portable Hyperbaric chambers, which are used for home treatment. These are usually referred to as “”mild hyperbaric chambers””, which is a reference to the lower pressure of soft-sided chambers. Those commercially available in the USA go up to 4.1 PSI which is equivalent to a water depth of 11 ft. These chambers are operated with oxygen concentrators or with 100% oxygen as the breathing gas.

These portable hyperbaric chambers were originally developed and used for altitude sickness. The benefits of Hyperbaric Chambers to a number of other off label conditions such as autism, lyme disease, cancer, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, cardiac conditions, brain injury, and other immunodeficiency disorders do have research and case studies to substantiated the effectiveness.

Recent studies have also shown that hyperbaric at a lower pressure for a period of 6 months or more is more effective for most conditions as the mild chambers have an immune modulating effect and hyperbaric at a higher pressure has a tendency to be immune suppressive over time.

Hyperbaric Technology was formed in 1993 to manufacture the famous Gamow Portable Mountain Hyperbaric Chamber, which is still popular today on most high mountain trekking expeditions, to treat the damaging effects of high altitude sickness (AMS).

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber

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Cerebral Palsy Therapy Hyperbaric Chambers