Lymphatic System Detoxification Part 2





Lymphatic System Functions

Lymphatic Detoxification

Lymphatic Cleansing & Stimulation

Lymphatic congestion is a big problem with most cancer patients. Undigested food, infectious material, dead cells, and other debris have to be carried off by the lymphatic system. Thickened and sluggish lymph results in swelling and discomfort.

Very few people understand the humble working of the lymphatic system. Many patients suffered from congestion or conditions such as mastitis before developing cancer. Dietary improvement and lymphatic stimulation combined with herbs that aid lymphatic purification enable the lymph to carry off debris.

As a general rule, there will be only minimal improvement in places such as the axilla or groin until the abdominal region is freed of stagnation.

Lymph Nodes

Fresh blood travels through the arteries to all parts of the body—including your breasts—bringing oxygen and other nutrients. Used blood leaves the breasts through the veins and is pumped back to the heart and lungs to be refreshed. Then the cycle starts over again.

Lymph node areas adjacent to breast area

A pectoralis major muscle
B axillary lymph nodes: levels I
C axillary lymph nodes: levels II
D axillary lymph nodes: levels III
E supraclavicular lymph nodes
F internal mammary lymph nodes

Clear fluid called lymph also arrives via the arteries, but it leaves the blood to circulate through your tissues to cleanse the tissues and keep them firm. Lymph must also be “refreshed” and recycled. It drains back into the body’s central drainage system through the lymphatic channels, like pipes.

“The arteries are like a two-lane highway bringing nutrients, oxygen and fluid to the breast. The vein is a one-lane highway taking away the used blood, and the lymphatic channels are the other one-lane highway draining away the lymph fluid. Two lanes in together, but two separate lanes out.” —Marisa Weiss, M.D.

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