Natural Medicine for Gallbladder Disease Part 2



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Causes and Associated Factors:

The biggest associated risk factors with gallbladder disease are the ‘Five Fs’:

• Female
• Fair (skin and hair color)
• Forty-ish
• Fertile (gallbladder trouble is associated with high estrogens)
• Fat (obesity increases the risk of gallbladder disease)

Other contributing factors with gallbladder diseases include rapid weight loss, diabetes, pregnancy, liver disease and anemias that cause high levels of bilirubin. Also excessive alcohol intake, diet high in fats and especially fried foods or trans fats, sedentary lifestyle and family history.
Lab Testing (Conventional and Alternative):

Your doctor may order the following blood tests:

• Amylase and lipase – these will be elevated in acute gallbladder attacks, or in diseases of the pancreas
• Bilirubin – elevated levels may indicate blocked bile ducts
• CBC (complete blood count) – this may show high white blood cell counts if there is an infection
• Liver function tests – this will help to determine if your bile ducts are blocked or if your liver is having trouble making bile

Imaging tests that may be used to detect gallstones or inflammation are:

o Ultrasound (abdominal)
o Abdominal X-ray
o Oral cholecystogram (X-ray using a contrast medium that you take in pill form)
o Gallbladder radionucleotide scan
o Abdominal CT scan
Additional testing that may be helpful includes:
o Vitamin D blood test
o Blood lipid panel
o Hormone testing (blood or saliva)
o Spectracell nutritional blood test