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Cancers in Men

Prostate Cancer
Types of Cancer in Men

Cancers in men: the types of cancers that men might be susceptible to; their symptoms and associated risks along with some common cancer symptoms men tend to ignore.

Experts suggest that men can benefit highly by being vigilant and alert to specific cancer symptoms and signs that require a visit to the doctor’s clinic sooner rather than postponing it. However, when a doctor visit has to be scheduled, men are considered to be difficult foot-draggers. The fact is some men exist who would never visit a doctor if they were not forced by the women in their lives.

Cancers in men is highly spreading with the increase in bad lifestyles and eating habits. That’s unfortunate. A preventive care on a routine basis can detect cancer and other kinds of life taking diseases in early stages. If cancer is detected early, you have many more options available for treatment. That implies there will be more chances for finding a cure for cancers in men.

Some of the symptoms of cancers in men are specific involving certain body organs or parts which might point directly towards the cancer possibility. Other symptoms, though, are vague. For instance, pain that affects many body parts could have many explanations. It may or may not be a sign of cancer. But you can't rule cancer out without seeing a doctor.


Immune SystemImmune System

Some of the most common types of cancers found in men

Continue reading to know the most common types of cancers in men:

Prostate cancer
Affecting young men only sometimes, prostate cancer mostly affects men above 50 years, increasing the risks with age. Having it in your family history elevates your risk of getting affected by this type of cancers in men.

Symptoms- because of the hidden position of the prostate gland (it is located under the urinary bladder and produces liquid that enriches semen); prostate cancer grows at a slower rate and may not be problematic in some men.

Although, in others it can be more aggressive, trying to spread beyond the gland which might require treatment. Symptoms are usually mild and are ignored; so in case you have difficulty in peeing, or you get the need to go urinate more frequently (specifically at night); then it is time to consult your doctor!

Treatment- cancers in men growing at a slower pace are better monitored than treated. Otherwise, there is always the option to treat the cancer by surgical removal procedures, hormone treatment or radiotherapy.


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Lung cancer
Non-smokers are at a risk of getting lung cancer as much as smokers are. However, tobacco smoke can be held responsible for 90% of the cases of lung cancers in men. The second most probable cause of getting affected by lung cancer is radon gas. Evidences suggest that if it has been in your family, then you are likely to develop it.

Symptoms- coughing a lot that do not seem to reduce, loss in appetite, coughing up and getting some blood, fatigue etc.

Treatment- this will depend on the cancer stage and its type. Radiotherapy as well as Surgery is usually resorted to.

Immune SystemImmune SystemImmune System

Bladder cancer
Symptoms- include getting a feeling of burning while peeing, spotting blood in urine, experiencing pelvic pain as well as getting an urge to urinate frequently.
Treatment- similar to other cancers in men, treatment will depend on the kind of tumour, what stage it is in and if it has spread over other areas. Some tumours can be burnt off by using a kind of special wiring loop that is passed inside the bladder. Although, men are often fortunate in having a better rate of survival than women, but detecting such cancers in men early is essential.

Colorectal cancer
Symptoms- Warning signs and symptoms include getting blood in the stool, abdominal pain, a change in bowel excretion routines and losing weight.
Treatment- this will include a combination of different treatment options such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and, if diagnosed early enough, the rate of survival for a period of five years is a good 90%.


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Symptoms usually ignored by men

Cancers in men usually go undetected because of the negligence and avoidance of certain cancerous symptoms by men such as:

  • Feeling an increase in breast mass can be a sign of breast cancer. Nipple retraction, redness or discharge from the nipples must not be ignored.

  • Any kind of pain in any part of your body must not be ignored and dealt seriously as it might be a sign of cancer.

  • Any change observed in testicles size in terms of growth or shrinkage must also be paid heed to. You might be at a risk of testicle cancer.

  • Unexpected loss in weight might also be a symptom of cancers in men.

Treatment and total cure of cancers in men, although might not be promised by any doctor; but the risk of getting affected by a cancer can always be reduced by leading a well balanced and healthy lifestyle and aiming for a better immune system by taking herbal therapies such as Endosterol.

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