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Better Immune System


Improving Immune System
Better Immune System Diet

Better immune system: learn how to build and boost you immune system! The diet plan and foods that should be taken for a better immune system; exercise and natural sources that gives you a strong immune system!

The immune system of the human body is a set of biological processes and structures that offers protection against diseases. The human immune system offers a layered defense from infections of gradual increasing specificity. A well balanced and nutritious diet as well as proper medication is demanded to build up a strong, fighting and better immune system.

For proper functioning, the immune system must be able to detect a variety of external and internal agents such as parasitic worms and viruses and also should be able to distinguish them from the body's own useful and healthier tissues. The immune system is like an external savior framework saving the human body against pathogen attacks and alien organism infections.


Immune System

How to build and boost your immune system?

A truth about the immune system is that it is responsible for letting the humans live healthy and happy life without any diseases. Hence it becomes your duty to enhance and encourage the immune system in its functions and duties. Following rules can be followed and abided to proceed your way towards a better immune system:

  • Washing hands regularly: the best way to avoid any sort of infections or virus contact and to build a better immune system is to wash hands at regular intervals. Experts suggest washing hands with water and a good antiseptic soap. Usually when the linings of the nose come in contact with flu virus, cold happens. Hence the best way to avoid any such contact is to keep your hands clean and sanitized.

  • Get vaccinated against flu: a better immune system can be achieved by taking flu shots or vaccinations that will protect you from serious cases of cold. Mostly preferred for senior people, vaccination is good for everyone who wants an extra layer of protection.

  • Exercise: a moderate exercise is all you need to boost your way to a better immune system. Half an hour a day is sufficient for an individual that will also ensure that he doesn’t overdo it. An active lifestyle is necessary for a better immune system.

  • Vitamin C: getting proper balance of vitamins and minerals will pave the way for a better immune system. Some studies show that Vitamin C helps prevent flu and cold to a great extent.

  • Relax and de-stress yourself: most likely flu and cold like diseases happen to people who take a lot of stress. A lot of hard work without getting proper night sleep often exhausts the body, depriving it of the necessary rest it requires; which make it more prone to getting infected.


Foods to eat to enhance and boost your immune system!

Natural foods that help you fight against mild infections and pathogens entering your body are manifold. You just need to get the right diet for you to start on the battle for a better immune system. Listed below are some of the options you can include in your daily intake:


Immune System

  • Vitamin C is the key: a diet rich in Vitamin C will de-stress your senses and will also increase your immunity to better fight against diseases. Consumption of proper vitamin rich foods or taking extra supplements like Endosterol, any of the options will do well for your immunity. Foods brimming with Vitamin C include tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, sweet potatoes etc.

  • Do the mining for minerals: activate and achieve a better immune system by consuming foods rich in minerals zinc, potassium etc. Foods rich in minerals include mushrooms, green vegetables, beans, fruits like banana etc.

  • Add a dash of color in your diet: thymus gland which is the gland responsible to boost your immune system requires a good intake of foods rich in carotenes. The foods which are a good source of carotene are those which are colored like carrots, cabbage, egg plant, berries, garlic yellow and red peppers etc.

  • Enhancing your digestive tract with friendly bacteria: a good and friendly bacteria is good to enhance and achieve a better immune system. Foods like yoghurt provide you with good bacteria intake.

Hair Loss

Follow these tips and tricks and gorge on your way for a better immune system. Because, if your immune system is happy and functioning properly; it will keep you happy and working properly. Eat a balanced diet, be happy, relax and take good intake of immunity boosting foods and supplements like Endosterol to be a better being!

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