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Beta Sitosterol DHT

Beta Sitosterol Hair Loss

Beta sitosterol DHT: information about DHT and how it affects you; what are DHT blockers; natural DHT blockers; some popular DHT blockers for hair loss and how beta sitosterol help in DHT blocking and stopping hair loss?

Dihydrotestosterone also called DHT is an androgenic hormone and a sex steroid. The 5 alpha reductase enzymes synthesize DHT in hair follicles, testes, adrenal glands and prostate. Approximately 5% testosterone in men undergoes conversion to DHT by 5 alpha reductions.

DHT has a lot of affinity for androgen receptors as compared to testosterone and even more than adrenal androgens. In adults, DHT acts as the most important and primary androgen in the hair follicles and the prostate.

Since DHT is a significant factor for pattern baldness in men, therefore Beta sitosterol DHT is highly useful for aiding in hair fall control. Hair loss in women is a more complicated procedure and DHT is only one of many possible causes in this case. However, women having increased amounts of DHT may show certain androgynous secondary male sexual characteristics which might include facial hair or a deepened voice.

Beta sitosterol DHT goes a long way in aiding men and women to reduce the DHT levels in their body and blood stream. Hence several symptoms and risks can be avoided and reduced by taking a good intake of foods rich in beta sitosteral. An essential component of Endosterol is beta sitosteral; which is the best way to block the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Beta sitosterol DHT thereby acts as a 5 alpha reductase inhibitor.

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Basically, there are two conditions created by DHT in humans. One being BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia), other being MPB (male pattern baldness). Beta sitosterol DHT is considered to be highly beneficial in reducing and relieving the symptoms of both these conditions.

Beta sitosterol DHT inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT which is the main cause for enlarging the prostate gland. Since often medications prescribed for BPH syndrome works in a similar manner, and also prove useful in controlling of hair fall; hence it is believed that Beta sitosterol DHT too will be useful in arresting significant hair fall problems.

Not only in men but also in women, significant improvement in hair fall has been observed. Beta sitosterol DHT is a natural method adopted by many people to treat hair fall in contrast to surgeries which are mostly painful procedures. Such benefits of beta sitosterol have to be still scientifically proved.

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There are arguments regarding which DHT blocker can be considered the best. But usually those DHT blockers are best which are synthesized from natural sources. Such natural DHT blockers are safe and come with the least side effects. Beta sitosterol DHT is one such natural DHT blocker. Such DHT blockers can either be consumed orally or they can be applied directly in forms of shampoo (in hair loss control treatments).

For DHT to be produced in the body, testosterone and 5 alpha reductase enzymes must combine together. Both of these substances are produced naturally in the human body but as it is known, only testosterone is healthy for the body. Therefore the best way to prevent the formation of DHT is to block the reaction of these enzymes on testosterone. This is the basic aim of DHT blockers like Beta sitosterol DHT.

For a DHT blocker like Beta sitosterol DHT, one of the following conditions must be met:

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  • Saw Palmetto- Crude extract of saw palmetto was used to treat weakness and in recovery of patients from long illnesses. It is also used in the treatment of BPH in older middle aged men. With BPH syndrome comes the problem of hair loss, hence many consider the fruit of saw palmetto as an herb to arrest hair fall. The extract and combination of beta sitosterol and saw palmetto is highly beneficial for hair fall. It is also considered as a nerve sedative and a tonic of nutritive value.
  • Pygeum- reducing DHT levels in the blood, this extract helps in the reduction of attaching sites for DHT.
  • Green Tea- an antioxidant that helps in the reduction of DHT, green tea inhibits problems of hair loss and also promotes hair growth.
  • Beta sitosterol DHT- Beta sitosterol DHT is a strong DHT blocker that has anti androgenic qualities. It is also known to reduce sufficient cholesterol levels thus inhibiting DHT production.


Such natural and herbal extracts like saw palmetto and beta sitosteral along with pumpkin seed extracts are found in Endosterol, which is a natural supplement and goes a long way in keeping your body healthy and balanced.


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