Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Treatment Part 2



Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Treatment

The multiple chemical sensitivity sufferer, by contrast, will often react severely to a very brief exposure of an extremely low level of excitant (trigger) – [ parts per million / pp billion]. As well as a predisposition to allergy and multiple chemical sensitivity on the part of the sufferer, there is also the nature of the toxin itself to be taken into account, as some chemicals and materials have an inherent tendency to sensitize, whilst others are essentially inert.

Relatively inert materials include, for example, Sand, silica, gold, titanium, water, chalk, etc.
Those with a moderate tendency to cause allergy / sensitization may include, for example, Soya products, wood dust, nickel, latex, strawberries,etc.

Those which show a pronounced tendency to sensitize include: Formaldehyde, isocyanates, epoxy resins, peanuts, shellfish, sulphur dioxide, etc.

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