Lyme Disease and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

This Lyme disease, is an infectious illness transmitted by ticks. In the past few decades, Lyme disease has spread across the nation and has increased in incidence some ten fold. Lyme infection may produce muscle and joint pain, immune system dysfunction, nervous system abnormalities, cardiac problems, and fever.
Sometimes, if aggressive antibiotic therapy is initiated early in the course of the illness, successful treatment can be achieved. Unfortunately, many patients do not adequately respond to antibiotic therapy. And, because Lyme Disease can mimic other conditions, it may take a long time before it is correctly diagnosed. Many people become essentially incapacitated by this illness.

There is now research showing the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, offering hope to patients crippled by chronic Lyme disease. Dr. William Fife at Texas A & M University has published extensive research demonstrating profound improvements in Lyme disease patients treated with HBOT. These improvements include pain reduction, return of clarity of the mind, and reduction of depression.