Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Miracle HBOT Part 2






Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT Miracle Therapy

One day I was talking to a mother whose daughter had CP and she told me about a study being conducted. I called the physicians doing the study and enrolled my daughter.

Elisa received her first 40 treatments when she was 3 ½ years old. At that time she was able to mumble about 35 words which were understood mostly by myself only. She could say two words together like bye-bye Mommy! She was able to say “meek” for “I’m thirsty” and would be hysterical when she was hungry. She never watched a program like Barney or Sesame Street- she could never focus on them. After 115 dives Elisa is now completely toilet trained. She can say over 1,000 words. She not only is able to watch a tape but asks for specific Barney tapes that she likes. She can count to six, knows her colors and can make herself understood. We do have a lot to accomplish still, but she is nothing short of a miracle.

My first daughter is right. If Elisa did not have a handicap I would have never taken a second mortgage on my house and bought a chamber. I would never be leaving to go to California! But look what we got! We have a child who is witty and happy and can brighten any room she enters! Last week she said “I ove you!” She adores her 2 sisters and 2 brothers and tries to imitate them! WE also have four other children who are sensitive and caring. They treat their sister with respect and love. Even the triplets who are three understand that when Elisa calls we have to respond to her and help her when she asks. They fight like all siblings do but they all stand united when threatened by even their parents. They tell on each other but are always willing to keep the child on “time out” company.

So last night I responded to Daniela, my first born- you know I would do the same for you. I would be just as fierce in protecting you and taking care of you. I would give my life up for you at a moments notice. My drive my energy and my determination and love come from being the mother to five miracle babies!

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