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Head injury can be a linear skull fracture which is a common injury that is found especially in children. It is a simple break in the skull that follows a somewhat straight line. It can occur after a minor head injury and is not that serious unless there is an additional injury to the brain.

Head injury can also be a depressed skull fracture. A depressed skull fracture is common after forceful impacts by blunt objects-most commonly, hammers, rocks and other heavy but fairly small objects. This type of injury can cause dents in the skull bone and may be fatal and require surgery.

Then there is the basilar skull fracture. A head injury that is a fracture of the bones that form the base of the skull. It is a result of a severe blunt head trauma of significant force. This injury may cause infection as the fracture allows air or fluid inside to enter the skull. Surgery may or not be necessary unless other injuries are involved.

These are just the types of head injuries, but there is only one type of modern alternative medicine that can help cure it. It is hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is an FDA approved treatment and already being used by over 400 facilities in the U.S.

The treatment uses 100% oxygen through a hypebaric chamber that pressurizes the oxygen 2 to 3 times more than the atmosphere. It is a safe, non-toxic, treatment and is also available for sale and for rent. It also easy to operate that having a hyperbaric chambers at your own house is very much advisable.

Whatever the head injury there is only one cure, hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Chow.

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