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Chronic Prostatitis

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis
Chronic Prostatitis Treatment

Chronic Prostatitis: what is meant by chronic prostatis? The causes of the disease and the symptoms and signs associated; the consequences and problems associated with the disease and its cure.

Prostatitis is the inflammation and swelling of the prostate gland, a gland of about the size of a walnut, located below the urinary bladder in men. The prostate gland secretes fluid (called as semen) that transports and nourishes sperm. The condition of Prostatitis mostly causes difficult or painful urination. Other signs and symptoms of Prostatitis may be pain in the lower abdomen or groin, near the pelvic area or the genital organs, and sometimes, certain flu type symptoms.

Depending on certain causes, Prostatitis may affect suddenly or gradually. It may also get better soon, whether on its own or by taking treatments. Some kinds of Prostatitis may last for many months or even keep recurring, also referred to as chronic Prostatitis.

Several causes can be related to chronic Prostatitis. In case it is caused by some kind of bacterial infection, it has chances to be cured successfully. However, there are times when chronic Prostatitis is not caused by any bacterial infection. In such cases the cause remains unidentified.

For the identification of chronic Prostatitis, you should experience the symptoms for no lesser than 3 months. There are two types of chronic Prostatitis:

  • Chronic bacterial Prostatitis

  • Chronic Prostatitis or CPPS

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Causes behind chronic prostatis

Acute bacteria inflicted Prostatitis is mostly caused by bacteria. The infection usually occurs when bacteria in your urine get leaked into the prostate. However, Chronic bacteria Prostatitis is because of smaller bacteria amounts that are not eliminated by using antibiotics as they keep hidden in the prostate gland. Some men suffering from chronic Prostatitis experience pain but depict no evidence of inflammation in the prostate.

In most of the cases affected by chronic Prostatitis, the cause usually remains unidentified. Although certain causes other than bacterial infection might include:

  • A disorder in the immune system

  • A disorder in the nervous system

  • An injury in the prostate or near the prostate area


Symptoms and signs associated

You might experience the following symptoms in case you are suffering from chronic Prostatitis:

  • Experiencing pain or a burning sensation while urinating ( called as dysuria)

  • Having difficulty in urinating like dribbling or feeling hesitant to urinate

  • Frequent urinating, particularly during the night (called as nocturia)

  • Experiencing an urgent need for urinating

  • Feeling pain in the abdominal area, lower back or groin

  • Feeling pain in the region between the rectum (perineum) and scrotum

  • Discomfort or pain in the testicles or penis

  • Painful orgasms (or ejaculations)

  • Experiencing Flu-like signs (happens with bacterial Prostatitis)

  • Complications and problems associated

Complications associated with chronic Prostatitis can include:

  • Bacterial infection occurring in the blood (called as bacteremia)

  • Inflammation occurring in the coiled tube which is attached to the back side of the testicles (known as epididymitis)

  • Cavity filled with pus in the prostate gland (called as prostatic abscess)

  • Abnormalities occurring in semen along with infertility (this usually happens in chronic Prostatitis)

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Prostatis and its relation to cancer as well as levels of PSA: chronic Prostatitis can be a reason behind elevated PSA levels, a protein secreted by the prostate. Testing for PSA levels is generally done to diagnose prostate cancer. Cancerous cells are responsible for producing more PSA as compared to noncancerous cells, so if PSA levels in the blood are more than normal; it can be an indication of prostate cancer. However, certain conditions other than cancer of the prostate gland, such as chronic Prostatitis, can also increase PSA.

There is, however, no direct proof that chronic Prostatitis can cause prostate cancer.

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Curing Chronic Prostatitis


Antibiotics- One of the most common prescribed Prostatitis treatment is antibiotics. Doctors base the choice of drugs on the type of bacteria that is causing the infection. In case you are experiencing severe symptoms, you might need intravenous (IV) antibiotics. 

Alpha blockers- Such medications aid in relaxing the bladder neck where the prostate joins the bladder. This treatment is very helpful in lessening symptoms like painful urination.


Prostate massage- Such a massage is done by the physician by using a gloved and lubricated finger just as a digital rectal examination is done.

Herbal supplements and remedies- This is a type of alternative medicine treatment and hence there has been no proof that such herbs and herbal supplements aid in Prostatitis, although it has been taken by several men.

Some of these herbal treatments include rye grass and extract of saw palmetto berries that is also found in a wonder drug called Endosterol. It combines vitamins and minerals, particularly selenium, zinc along with vitamins D and E that go a long way in relieving the symptoms of Prostatitis and other related problems and conditions of the prostate gland.

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