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Hyperbaric Treatment Paul Harch

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers

http://www.hbot.com Historically, the only well-tested dose of HBOT in cerebral palsy has been 1.5 ATA/60 minutes. This was the pressure used by Machado on his 230 children in Brazil from 1983-1989 and the pressure I first used on a CP child in 1992 and every child and adult with every neuropathology since then. The first six of these children were treated for 90 minutes in an attempt to duplicate the HBOT chronic wound protocols until I discovered this was toxic in five adults with stroke, traumatic brain injury, and chronic carbon monoxide poisoning. Since then the treatments have uniformly been 60 minutes. Dr. Neubauer, the grandfather of HBOT in neurology in the United States and my mentor, treated his first CP child in 1995 at 1.5 ATA and persisted with this pressure. He pioneered the use of 1.5 ATA in acute and chronic brain injury in America since 1978 when he reported the first cases of multiple sclerosis. Unfortunately, the first CP child treated in Southern England in 1995 was at 1.75 ATA of 95% oxygen or 1.66 ATA pure oxygen equivalent.

This was the same depth/time profile for the Montgomery/McGill Pilot Trial. But what happened on the way to the multicenter McGill Trial? The pressure was kept at 1.75 ATA, but the oxygen mix was increased to 100%, a depth/time profile heretofor never tested in CP children and close to the 2.0 ATA where very little neurological improvement has been documented in chronic brain injury. Their simultaneous use of 1.3 ATA air (.27 ATA or 27% oxygen) for the control group, combined to give the now widely known confusing result. This is disastrous because it doesn’t confirm or refute the previous reports of HBOT in CP due to its failure to duplicate the protocols used at 1.5 ATA. I will elaborate on this subject at a future date.

In addition to the depth/time deviations from historical HBOT treatment of CP hyperbaric centers are treating children 2 times/day, 7 days/wk. for extended numbers of treatments. Again, MORE IS BETTER. Wrong, MORE IS NOT BETTER. Besides toxicity there is metabolic fatigue that occurs reproducibly. The only patients treated 2x/day, 7d/wk. in the history of HBOT are patients with life-threatening illnesses who will die without the HBOT.

Similarly, large chunks of treatments beyond 80 treatments are toxic as I and others have demonstrated. These brain injured children are frail and cannot tolerate the treatment regimens that are proliferating. The number of calls are mounting from distressed parents whose children have deteriorated or developed complications as the historical treatment precepts enumerated above have been ignored.

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