How To Give or Get a Coffee Enema Part 2





Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema Recipe

Coffee Enema Procedure

• Gather up a few other necessary and optional supplies. A KY Jelly type lubricant will ease inserting the enema tip into your bum and guard against tearing of the rectal wall. Towels are handy. A thermometer, useful. Rubber gloves, sponges, and bleach for policing the area afterward are mandatory.

• Find your spot. If this is your first time, finding just the right place for this experience is more important than you might guess. On the floor? On your bed? In the bathtub? On the toilet? All have their advocates and detractors.

The toilet seems like a pretty likely choice for a first timer, but the sitting/crouching position used there can open the bowels up in such a way that all the goods might not travel as far as you desire, or stay in as long as you want. The bathtub sounds uncomfortable, the floor undignified, and your bed…well you might want to try it out on the john before doing it on the comfort of your bed. Perhaps you should add plastic sheeting to your list. Regardless, you need a place to hang the enema bag a couple feet above where your bottom will be, and you need quick access to the john for when you want to complete the enema process.

• Get a buddy. Would you like some help with this? There is no need for a partner to help. However, you may like someone to assist you. They, in turn, may be willing to help you. I’m going to let this be your call.
• Do it. Fill your enema bag with a quart of the tepid coffee. Hang it above your designated spot. Not too high or it will come gushing out. You want a slow gentle flow. One or two feet above your bum is fine.
You can place your body in any number of positions: on your side, on your back, doggie style, or over your partner’s lap. Just find a position that is comfortable for you.

Lubricate the enema tip, your anus and rectum. You or your partner may want to move a lubricated, and possibly gloved, finger in and out your rectum in order to fully lubricate the area. This will also help you learn how much pressure to use when inserting the tip.

Gently insert the tip about two inches and slowly release the clamp on the hose. Allow a couple cups in at first, or less if you feel any discomfort. Allow the remainder to enter you and then, without changing position, try to hold it for 10 or 12 minutes before moving to the toilet to void. You may feel a need to void sooner. If so, as before, move immediately to the toilet.

• Clean up. Cleaning up is simple, if all went well. Wash the enema bag, hose and tip in soap and warm water, rinse and hang to dry (Follow manufacturer’s directions.) Clean the tip and any surfaces touched by your discharge with a diluted bleach solution.
• Would you like another round? If all went well, and if you have your doctor’s advice and permission, you can now check out other enema recipes using ingredients such as tea, fruit juice, milk, beer, or wine. Enjoy!

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