Debunking the Myths of ADD/ADHD

Written by admin on February 5th, 2009


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Your child may be inattentive, impulsive or hyperactive. Or your child may have ADD/ADHD. ADD/ADHD or Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder is a disorder that appears in early childhood where the child has spontaneous responses that involve everything from movement to speech and attentiveness. These spontaneous responses make it difficult for other people to restrict. ADHD symptoms usually appear before the age of 7.

In order to know more about these kind of disorder it is always important to debunk the myths that surround it so that we may fully be aware of the signs and symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Here are some of those myths.

Myth number 1 states that all kids with ADD/ADHD are hyperactive. This is not true. Some children with ADD?ADHD are hyperactive but many others are not. Children with ADD/ADHD may be inattentive but but they are not overly active. They do may appear spacey and unmotivated.

Myth number 2 states that kids with ADD/ADHD can never pay attention. Again it’s not true. Children who have ADD/ADHD are able to concentrate on activities that they enjoy. But on different activities they find boring or repetitive even if they they try harder they will always have trouble maintaining their focus.

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So if it’s ADD/ADHD then it is Hyperbaric oxygen treatment to the rescue.

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