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Now there are a number of other therapies you may have heard about including Chelation, Colon Cleanse, and nutrition.

Unfortunately these come with limitations and some serious side effects. With Chelation the challenge is that these treatments are indiscriminate and attract vital minerals as well as heavy metals, requiring medical supervision and vitamin injections to avoid serious side effects. The other challenge is that the toxins are attached to the outside of the chelating agent, meaning they can do damage to the kidney or liver during elimination. This is something you really don’t want to do unless it is absolutely necessary.

A good colon cleanse will get toxins out of the body. However if toxins are not removed from the body, they are reabsorbed through the gut wall causing secondary toxification. The challenge with Colon cleanse is that it only takes waste from the gut.

Another popular method of detoxification is to flood the body with high-level nutrients, such as antioxidants. We flood the body with high potency nutrition and it activates the immune system to discard unwanted toxins. However there is little hope for antioxidants and mineral supplements to do their job properly, if the body is burdened with heavy metals in the first place.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to source the high quality activated liquid zeolite that has been properly cleaned out and is pure and safe for use. If you are aware of a toxic build up in your body and are looking to remove heavy metals from your body do your research. However we have heard of nothing as effective as the activated liquid Zeolite in removing heavy metals from your body safely and effectively.

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