Metal Toxicity Causes Depression Part 3




Heavy Metal Cleanse

Heavy Metal Toxins

Introducing the clinically safe natural chelator.

This natural chelator known as MCP is a complex polysaccharide in a class of polyuronides. Reader, no worries, this writer will simplify that for you shortly; and you are very familiar with it’s components except they have to be in a very specific form. It’s molecular structure is the key to it’s abilities to bind to and eliminate heavy metals effectively and safely and in a very short time.

In solution, it forms what is referred to as an egg-box, in which long negatively charged fiber chains stick together in groups that create pockets. Positively charged metal cations are attracted to these chains, and are thus loosened from your soft tissues. They then become trapped in the pockets of the egg-box from where they are very easily excreted from your body. The effectiveness of that excretion is amazing, exactly as Mother Nature intended, because the major obstacle in the intravenous chelation modality, arises in the digestive tract.

Even when an agent has managed to loosen and bind toxins from your tissues, more often than not, this process is easily nullified in your intestines, where the heavy metals are easily reabsorbed. The only way to prevent this is to somehow block re-absorption, such that all the toxins are eliminated together with your body’s waste.

Therefore, this natural chelator has a mistress, Alignates.

Alginates is another amazing group of polyuronides obtained from a specific type of seaweed and are historically used to treat acute radiation poisoning. Oh yes, you guessed correctly, that like MCP, the structure of the alginates enables them to trap heavy metals in pockets. So, by pairing the two in combination, the reabsorption of the toxins in the intestines is prevented.

Equally important is that neither one of this natural duo can bind to your essential trace minerals, therefore you wont be risking deficiency during the process of detox at your home. Do bear in mind that the loosening of the heavy metals from your tissues and bones occurs in a gradual manner, clinically proven safe and efficient and no side-effects whatsoever.

Detoxes your body clean with just two capsules a day of MCP.

Clinical reports in the Biomedical Environmental Science of Sept. 1991, yes of course, that is almost two decades ago, establish a very clear connection between prolonged exposure to the toxins and the development of disease in you.

The reports clearly show that the diseases from heavy metal toxic exposure can be very effectively reversed, safely, gently, inexpensively and without any bad side effects whatsoever. Take the example of a 63 year old female who had a history of toxic metal exposure, and consequently suffered from chronic anxiety and depression.

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