Biological Basis for Coffee Enemas Part 2






Coffee Enemas

Coffee Enema Detoxification

Until that time, as he said, “”We have to continue to administer them in the awkward form of enemas… because patients cannot be expected to consume the therapeutically necessary daily amount of at least one liter of coffee by drinking it, without risking side effects in the upper alimentary tract.”” Nothing else works.

In the Second Surgery Department of the Landeskrankenhaus in Graz, Lechner has a bunch of very normal colleagues who are, none of them enthusiastic about alternative therapies. But neither are they willing to argue with scientific fact. This is a six-year-long program. Its findings have been published twice.

So now you have coffee enemas cleansing the blood. What is the coffee enema removing? Ammonia-like products, toxic-bound nitrogen, protein derivatives that are often times charged particles, polyamines, amino acid clumps and complexes.

When I first talked to Regelson, in 1981, he asked me if the coffee enemas had been studied in the filed of Ammoniapathophysiology. I said I didn’t know what he was talking about. He said, “”The name Visik, the father of Ammoniapathophysiology. You probably haven’t been taught about it because it is veterinary medicine.”” I said, “”Oh, enlighten me please.”” He said that it was very simple.

Visik proposed and proved that if you antibios feedlot animals, you’ll cut down on the amount of urea-splitting bacteria in their guts, lower their tissue and serum ammonia levels, and they will gain more carcass weight. You can get bigger, stronger, more muscle-loaded feedlot animals for more beef if you give them antibiotics. That is why we give antibiotics to beef.

We could give coffee enemas to animals and have the same effects. That’s why Regelson wanted to know if we had studied this in the field of Ammoniapathhophysiology; that’s where the coffee enemas belong. We are actually altering the level of tissue ammonias; and if it can help cattle to gain carcass weight in a feedlot, eating those ridiculous high-grain diets that cause the bacterial problems in the first place. Cattle are not designed to eat a lot of grain – if that can happen, certainly, coffee enemas, having similar effect in people who are not being subjected to high-grain diets, can improve tissue resistance. And they do.

When you improve the sodium ring around tumors and diseased tissue, the first thing that happens is that tissue gets better drainage and better circulation. And the cells begin to function normally. And when cells begin to function normally, they do what’s normal for cells, they behave like themselves. And that means our tissues are now themselves again. They bring, with normal function, requisite behavior for health, which is resistance to disease, and immunity against extant disease. That’s were tissue immunity comes from, and that’s where tumor immunities come from: the health of normal tissue.

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