Coma , Cardiac Arrest Patients and Near
Hangingin Resuscitated with Hyperbaric Oxygen

To 336 Acute Coma And Cardiac Arrest Patients In China And 170 Near-Hanging Patients In Northern France Were Successfully Resuscitated With A Single High Pressure HBOT

In humans this application has never advanced beyond the original scientific report in 1963. Similarly, the great majority of 336 acute coma and cardiac arrest patients in China and 170 near-hanging patients in Northern France were successfully resuscitated with a single high pressure HBOT. HBOT delivered shortly after these brain insults seemed to work identically to the manner in which it has worked all of these years in the classic accepted application of HBOT, decompression illness of divers (Harch PG.

Late Treatment of Decompression Illness and Use of SPECT Brain Imaging. In: Treatment of Decompression Illness, 45th UHMS Workshop, Eds. RE Moon, PJ Sheffield, Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society, Kensington, MD. 1996). Specifically, it treats the common major underlying problem called reperfusion injury, or the injury that occurs once blood flow and oxygen are restored.

Another exciting example of the use of HBOT is the combination of hyperbaric oxygen therapy with radiation therapy in the treatment of cancer patients. It has been shown the kill ratio of cancer cells by radiation is directly proportional to the oxygen content of the tissue. What more obvious common sense method to increase the oxygen content of tumors than by the administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy? So thought researchers 35 years ago in New Orleans where some of this seminal work was performed.

In just the past three years doctors in the Far East have delivered radiation therapy to patients with one of the most deadly of all cancers, brain cancer, within 15 minutes of exit from a hyperbaric oxygen chamber and shown an approximately 50% increase in survival. Marlo Thomas, the famous actress and benefactor of St. Jude's Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee recounted to Chairman Regula immediately before my testimony last week how the researchers at St. Jude's are desperately seeking and hope to develop new therapies for the treatment of brain cancer in children with the addition of a new $80 million brain cancer center.


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