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3 Benefits of Colonics and Enemas with Coffee Part 1

Grants Enema and Colonic Supplies and kits

* You will need to buy a re-usable enema kit. Enema products are available at most pharmacies. They are usually disposable (although they can be cleaned and reused for several months) and they are inexpensive.
* Distilled water.
* Organic coffee, any roasting level will do.
* French Press pot.
Coffee Enema Recipe
* Bring 8 cups of water to a boil.
* Grind eight heaping spoonfuls of organic coffee. Put it in a french press pot. You can use a drip coffee maker, but be sure to use organic, non-bleached coffee filters.
* Pour the water over the coffee grounds and let it steep then cool for one hour or more.
* After this amount of time, the liquid should be about body temperature. If you stick your finger in the water it should be lukewarm or cool, but not hot.
* Press the coffee grounds to the bottom, then pour the coffee liquid into the enema bag.
* Never utilize flavored coffee, sweetened coffee, or coffee with milk (cafe au lait) for this purpose.

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